IT Pro Source has been our IT Services Provider since 2005, and during this time our company has experienced tremendous growth; IT Pro Source has been able to keep up with the demands this growth has placed on both of us. IT Pro Source has been an essential part of our success, covering over 18 locations throughout the United States. They are always willing and able to deploy a dedicated Network Engineer on short notice across the states, in addition to, attending to our local branches both physically and remotely.

They have managed our complex IT Infrastructure efficiently and provided great Customer Service. The technicians' availability has been an asset, given the dynamic needs we have, and we recommend them to any company with confidence.

- David Gesinger, Executive Vice President
Ryder Homes
The personnel are knowledgeable and friendly and the response is always prompt. They have been involved in all my upgrades of our specialized software. They have made recommendations on hardware that has really worked for us and saved time and money. They are reliable and diligent in performing any research necessary for all my IT needs.

- Vicki Buckridge, IT Manager/Accountant
Overaa Construction
We have had a continuous relationship with IT Pro Source forover 10 years now. As our company has grown, so has our reliance on technology and IT Pro Source has been an essential part of our company's growth and success.

When IT Pro Source started here we had one Citrix server, and Exchange server and a file server – now, we have 10 Citrix servers in a farm, several SQL servers, Exchange 2010 virtualized with VMware ESX, continuous DR solution and around the clock uptime. IT Pro Source has been instrumental in planning, configuring, and maintaining our growing environment, including working weekends and evenings to ensure that our IT infrastructure is working proficiently.

IT Pro Source is responsive, capable and reliable and we highly recommend their services.

- Erin Overaa Dissman, IT Director
Kautz Farms
Since we have contracted with IT Pro Source, the level offrustration with our computers and network have been eliminated. The Managed Care Service Plan and the professionalism and quality of service from our assigned tech, Juan Mendivil, has allowed Kautz Farms to operate more efficiently and project a more professional manner.

- Richard Azevedo, Property Manager
In the ten years we have been in business, we have used multiple IT support providers. Small operators that promised a personal touch and large providers in hopes of more corporate reliability. The small providers are small for a reason, in my opinion. The large providers focused on billable hours, quick fixes, and had little desire to optimize our network. They focused on sales, not our success. That translated into more obstacles for us, more hours spent on tasks, and that slowed our growth.

Our complex systems had serious problems that you didn't shy away from conquering. You worked nights and weekends to minimize the impact on our operations. Where others gave up, you engaged Microsoft engineers, you solved the problems. That has been followed by proactive plans to chart the next few years of network management. Your mission to tenaciously support your clients when trouble appears and proactively plan for their future success is all too rare in this world. I appreciate all you have done and will contribute in the years to come.

Todd K. Larrabee
Employer's Guardian, LLC

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